The past year has been really hard for us all from worrying about health issues to the cost of living no body can escape this. 
It feels like it is time spring is round the corner to start looking ahead and start looking after ourselves. 
Anxiety and uncertainty have played massively on our wellbeing. self care can be defined as any activity or practice that supports your mental, emotional and physical health, sometimes the smallest action can make the biggest difference. 
Time is precious, we should use it effectively thinking consciously in advance about all the time and energy might lead us to spend our resources on different ways to help us feel pampered, relaxed and refreshed. 
A half hour walk around the park or chat with a friend or therapist may not feel such a big thing but it can make a huge difference. Studies have shown that getting out into the fresh air and nature has been associated with high levels of mental wellbeing, so getting our trainers on and getting out is a must!!! 
Starting to also give ourselves a few hours a week selfcare has also been proven to help so much with anxiety and stress, even just from simply running the bath for a 30 minute soak at home, to a relaxing hour of reflexology to rebalance the body and mind and bring a sense of homeostasis. 
Exposing yourself to new experiences and holistic treatments keeps things fresh and also keeps us healthy in body and mind!! 
Happy springtime 
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